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L’altro Cibo (Soul Food)
dir. Federico Rodelli
Italy, 2012, 20 minutes
In Italian with English Sub-titles

2nd European Union Short Film Festival
Club SAW, Friday, May 29, 2015, 7:00 pm
Said is a 17-year-old irregular immigrant from Morocco. Arrived in Italy a short time ago, Said has an arduous life, obliged by his brother Hassan to beg to make some money. The young boy quickly knows the hardness of life also with Assim who urges Said to rob, demonstrating his courage. During a clunky robbery in a restaurant, Said know Carmen, the chef. After the starting caution, a strange complicity arises between Carmen and Said, thanks to the food. It will play an important role, connecting two lives fearful of loneliness.

The movie tells the story of two different cultures, two distant lives that accidentally crash and find out sharing something: their loneliness. The food is the spark that causes their awakening.