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Mielensäpahoittaja (The Grump)
dir. Dome Karukoski
Finland, 2014, 104 minutes
Finnish, with English sub-titles

30th European Union Film Festival
ByTowne Cinema, Sunday, November 29, 2015, 3:50 pm
Based on the popular novel by Finnish author Tuomas Kyrö, this wry, amusing social satire revolves around a stubbornly traditional octogenarian — whose social attitudes are, shall we say, a bit anachronistic — who must face a dramatic change in his life. THE GRUMP charts the collision of the rural values of yesterday’s Finland with the country’s contemporary urban reality, with both hilarious and touching results. The eponymous, unnamed hero is an eighty-year-old farmer who, following a domestic accident, must come to Helsinki to stay with his youngest son, an unemployed depressive, and his domineering businesswoman daughter-in-law. From the outset, the new houseguest wreaks havoc. He's rude, occasionally racist, and very confused at this new, unfamiliar Finland in which he finds himself. Terrified of change and despite his gruff manner, it soon becomes clear that the Grump is harbouring painful secrets. A bittersweet family drama, from the talented director of LAPLAND ODYSSEY.