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Canadian Film Institute
Moving images.
Vie sauvage (Wild Life)
dir. Cédric Kahn
France, 2014, 102 minutes
French, with English sub-titles

30th European Union Film Festival
ByTowne Cinema, Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 7:00 pm
Idealistic products of the Flower Power generation, Paco (Matthieu Kassovitz) and Nora (Celine Sallette) live with their three children off the grid. Eventually, weary of the seemingly endless struggle for survival and worrying about the children’s futures, Nora decides to move them back into mainstream French society. Paco disagrees vehemently and takes two of the children from her. He, six year-old Okyesa and seven year-old Tsali hit the road together. As children and then as adolescents, Okyesa and Tsali will for a decade live their lives in the shadows, assuming different identities, hunted by the police but always free and on the move. From attics to farmhouses, caravans to communes, they live in harmony with nature; they also live with constant danger and fear, with the solidarity and bonds formed with friends met on the road, and with a father whose image in the boys’ eyes begins to shift. Poignant and startlingly beautiful, WILD LIFE is an utterly remarkable story, based on actual events.