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Fieber (Fever)
dir. Elfi Mikesch
Austria, 2014, 80 minutes
German, with English sub-titles

30th European Union Film Festival
ByTowne Cinema, Thursday, December 10, 2015, 9:10 pm
This elegant psychological drama straddles two periods in the life of its protagonist, the successful photographer, Franziska (played by renowned actress and Fassbinder regular, Eva Mattes). Austria, 1950s. Franzi, eleven years old, lives in a small town with her parents and is obsessed with photography. She spends days and nights between dream and reality, ‘bringing to life’ the photos her father took in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia while stationed there as a foreign legionnaire in the colonial wars. The images are enigmatic and spark her imagination, and fascination and horror are never far apart. The father’s feverish dreams, triggered by a recurrent surge of malaria, are filled with troubling images from his time abroad. His behaviour covers her childhood with strange shadows. Years later, the grown-up Franziska travels from Graz to Novi Sad, searching for her lost sister. During this remarkable journey, the images of her troubled childhood start to haunt the quest to find her sister and herself.
Producer Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu will attend the screening to introduce and discuss his film.