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Café Ex: The Films of mike hoolboom
dir. mike hoolboom
Canada, 90 minutes

Club SAW, Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 7:30 pm
Inaugurated in 1998, the eighteenth season of this ongoing visiting artist series presents artist-curated evenings of independent experimental film and video in the intimate atmosphere of Club SAW. Once again, the series features Canadian experimental cinema, with guest filmmakers presenting their work and engaging in extensive discussions with audience members for a "pay-what-you-can" admission.

Our 18th season showcasing Canada’s most experimental, inspirational moving image artists opens with one of most essential Canadian filmmakers of the past 25 years, Mike Hoolboom. Prolific image-maker, author, cultural journalist, impassioned arts advocate, Hoolboom’s body of work is vast, vigorous, and varied. We are honoured to have him kick our 18th season of Café Ex in the Canadian Film Institute’s 80th year.

“Born: Korean War, the pill, hydrogen bomb, playboy mansion. 1980s: Film emulsion fetish and diary salvos. Schooling at the Funnel: collective avant-geek cine utopia. 1990s: failed features, transgressive psychodramas, questions of nationalism. 2000s: Seroconversion cyborg (life after death), video conversion: feature-length, found footage bios. Fringe media archaeologist: author of 7 books, editor/co-editor 12 books. Curator: 30 programs (Rotterdam, etc) Copyleft yes. Occasional employments: artistic director Images Fest, fringe distribution Canadian Filmmakers. 75 film/vids, most redacted. 9 features. 30 awards, 12 international retrospectives. 2 lifetime achievement awards. Website: 22 books, 15 mags, 40 interviews, 100+ essays, 40 sound clips.”

Mike Hoolboom will attend the screening to introduce and discuss his work.


Damaged (Canada, 2000, 10 min.)
Damaged is a ten-minute portrait of an indecisive man related in eighteen decisive moments. A series of still pictures offer models of childhood, sexuality and adulthood, while a voice-over makes the drive run smooth. Says Hoolboom, “Damaged is that rarest of beasts: a fringe movie comedy.”

Scrapbook (Canada, 2015, 18 min.)
Lensed in Ohio’s Broadview Developmental Center in 1967 by secret camera genius and audio visual healer Jeffrey Paull, Scrapbook tells the story of audacious autistic Donna Washington in her own words, as she encounters pictures of one of her former selves fifty years later. Scrapbook won two awards in Ann Arbor, best film in Edinburgh, and a special mention in Kosovo's doc fest. “We found Scrapbook to be incredibly unique, singularly captivating, unlike anything we have seen before. Congratulations to Mike Hoolboom on making such a moving film.” Best Short Film, Edinburgh International Festival Jury.

Buffalo Death Mask (Canada, 2013, 23 min.)
“Mask is insightful, wise, poignant, honest, evocative, and shaded beautifully and sadly with longing.” – Tom McSorley

“The jury decided unanimously to award the prize of the Sicilia Queer Film Festival 2014 to Buffalo Death Mask by Mike Hoolboom. We would like to emphasize the daring complexity and formal creativity that the filmmaker gives to this most intimate, sensitive and painful of subjects. Universal in scope, the work reinvents the possibilities that narrative has to offer the cinema. Rare and delicate, it sparkles like the fireflies whose disappearance Pasolini lamented. More than a movie, Buffalo Death Mask reveals an artistic life. Tonight the fireflies have not disappeared.” Jury Statement, First Prize, Sicilia Queer International Festival, 2014.

PLUS: … Secret Premieres! Two never-before-seen, brand new Hoolboom films will round out the program.