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Defile in Veil (deco dawson, Canada, 2003)
Café Ex: The Films of Deco Dawson
dir. Deco Dawson
Canada, 90 minutes
"pay-what-you-can" admission

Club SAW, Thursday, April 7, 2016, 7:00 pm
Inaugurated in 1998, the eighteenth season of this ongoing visiting artist series presents artist-curated evenings of independent experimental film and video in the intimate atmosphere of Club SAW. Once again, the series features Canadian experimental cinema, with guest filmmakers presenting their work and engaging in extensive discussions with audience members for a "pay-what-you-can" admission. On April 7th, the Canadian Film Institute is proud to present the works of filmmaker Deco Dawson.

Deco Dawson hails from Winnipeg and has been making short films since the late 1990s. Dawson’s films exist somewhere between genres, often combining different film styles and practives in the same work. His work imaginatively blends documentary, drama, experimental, and animation. His visually arresting style frequently references early silent cinema, with the use of grainy black and white film stocks and iris framing. Much of his work conveys themes of hopelessness and vulnerability, depicting surreal, repetitious actions and rapid cuts. His later work contains heightened use of colour, often including narration and dialogue, and is created in digital media. Dawson carefully uses in-camera effects, purposeful set design, archival footage, and various film formats to achieve his unique style.

Deco Dawson’s most notable works include Keep a Modest Head (2012), which along with FILM(dzama) (2001), won the Best Short Film Awards at the Toronto International Film Festival. His films have also won numerous awards and gained notable recognition in Best Short Documentary categories at international festivals.

Deco Dawson will attend the screening to introduce and discuss his work. Full program information to be posted shortly.