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Amélia & Duarte (dirs. Alice Guimarães, Mónica Santos, Portugal, 2015)
Series One: Love and Lost

3rd European Union Short Film Festival
Arts Court Theatre
Thursday, May 26, 2016, 6:30 pm, 120 minutes
English sub-titles
Stories of romance and relationships, both sweet and sour. Featuring short films from Portugal, Estonia, France, Slovenia, Romania, Belgium, and Ireland.

Doors open for Tastes of Europe at 6:30 p.m., followed by the short film presentation at 7:00 p.m. Seating is limited, so please arrive early to guarantee a spot.
Short Film Programme:
Amélia & Duarte
Alice Guimarães, Mónica Santos  •  Portugal  •  2015  •  8m 30s

Amélia and Duarte have fallen out of love, and each deals with their anger, grief, and loneliness in different ways. An incredible animated journey.
Elu Herman H. Rottiga (Life With Herman H. Rott)
Chintis Lundgren  •  Estonia  •  2015  •  11m 7s

Fiercely independent and rarely sober rat Herman H. Rott encounters new challenges when a little cat moves into his apartment.
Jakub Remiszewski  •  France  •  2014  •  9m 54s

Marcelle tries to reconstruct her life after a devastating accident and ensures that, ultimately, love will conquer all.
Poti (Trails)
Peter Cerovšek  •  Slovenia  •  2015  •  7m 0s

"The love story... is the tribute the lover must pay to the world in order to be reconciled with it.”
- Roland Barthes
Verigheta (The Wedding Ring)
Gabriel Achim  •  Romania  •  2015  •  8m 50s

The loss of a wedding ring leads to plenty of worry — and some creative sleight of hand — with hilarious results.
Deep Space
Bruno Tondeur  •  Belgium  •  2014  •  7m 7s

Brandon tests the limits of love and longing when he is sent on an intergalactic mission to find intelligent life.
Benjamin Cleary  •  Ireland  •  2015  •  13m 4s

In this Academy Award-winning short, Greenwood has a chance to meet Ellie and bring their online relationship into the real world. Can he gather the courage in time?