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Canadian Film Institute
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Schwerelos / Zero-G (Jannis Lenz, Austria, 2016)
Series Three: Wonder Full

3rd European Union Short Film Festival
Arts Court Theatre
Saturday, May 28, 2016, 6:30 pm, 120 minutes
English sub-titles
Stories that offer fresh perspectives of the modern world. Featuring short films from Austria, Poland, Spain, Germany, Croatia, Netherlands, and Latvia.

Doors open for Tastes of Europe at 6:30 p.m., followed by the short film presentation at 7:00 p.m. Seating is limited, so please arrive early to guarantee a spot.
Short Film Programme:
Schwerelos (Zero-G)
Jannis Lenz  •  Austria  •  2016  •  9m 53s

The poetry of urban modernity comes alive in a free flowing documentary of parkour.
Katedra (The Cathedral)
Tomasz Bagiński  •  Poland  •  2002  •  6m 20s

The true nature of the Cathedral will reveal itself… in time. Nominated for the 75th Academy Awards for Best Animated Short.
Telmo Esnal  •  Spain  •  2007  •  5m 47s

Sometimes getting from point A to point B is more trouble than it is worth.
Take Off
Steffen Heidenreich  •  Germany  •  2015  •  8m 16s

Mr. Newman realizes that with all the assistance technology provides, sometimes we can only help ourselves.
Saša Ban  •  Croatia  •  2013  •  15m 25s

As the assistant director at a film shoot, Marina must perfectly organize all the extras in front of the camera. But where to place her boyfriend, Nikša?
A Single Life
Job, Joris & Marieke  •  Netherlands  •  2014  •  2m 18s

Pia discovers the secret power of a vinyl record and begins to understand just how fleeting life can be. Academy Award nominee in 2015.
Signe Baumane  •  Latvia  •  2009  •  11m 43s

Pregnant and frightened, 17-year-old Amina asks all the women in her life for their frank perspectives on childbirth.
David Sandberg, Claes Lundin  •  Sweden  •  2012  •  8m 17s

In this compelling documentary, transsexual sex worker Jessica is faced with the decision to start a new life abroad, or continue to support her mother.