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The Loop Collective: 20 Years!

Café Ex: Canadian Experimental Cinema
Club SAW
Wednesday, December 7, 2016, 7:30 pm, 120 minutes
"pay-what-you-can" admission
“The Loop Collective is a group of independent media artists formed in 1996 to develop a public platform integrating experimental film and video with other art forms. We program and produce works for presentation through exhibitions and events in both traditional and non-traditional spaces. Our mission is to explore the roots of experimental film and video by creating a dialogue with other art media. We strive to promote experimental film and video for critical engagement by cultivating relations among different artistic communities.” - Loop Collective.

Loop Collective member Dan Browne will attend the screening to introduce and discuss a special retrospective collection of Loop Collective members’ works, as well as a short selection of his own work. Special guest host will be Canadian Film Institute experimental programming consultant and PhD candidate at York University, Scott Birdwise.

Doors open at 7:00pm. Admission is "pay-what-you-can". Cash bar and snacks available.
Short Film Programme:
Illuminated Text
Erika Loic  •  Canada  •  2012  •  13m 25s
16mm, colour, sound

The processes of bookmaking and filmmaking are united in this film-riddle inspired by the late tenth-century Exeter Book and its alliterative Anglo-Saxon riddles. Illuminated Text combines landscape footage, abstract colour, rotoscoped animation, and recreations of eighth-century manuscript decoration.
Wild Currents
Stephen Broomer  •  Canada  •  2015  •  6m 20s
16mm, colour, sound

A tragic mistake jolts Teddy and Joanne into limbo. Their spirits bear witness to their past usage of household appliances, as if by electric charge they might uncoil their spectral presences from home and garden. A myth and a ghost story for Christine Lucy Latimer, on her birthday, 2015.
Font Màgica
Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof  •  Canada  •  2015  •  5m 0s
16mm, sound

This film is a memory trace of a unique moment on an ordinary September evening near Montjuïc Mountain in Barcelona. With a soundtrack by Colin Clark.
ransom notes
Kelly Egan  •  Canada  •  2011  •  5m 0s
35mm (digital projection), colour, sound

The ransom note, in our collective imagination, is an entry point to the politics of ownership, freedom and exchange value, made by transforming mass media (newspapers) content into a personal message – the re-appropriation of language and meaning through the act of collage. ransom notes explores this strange tension as a means of sorting out the filmmaker’s experience of the hijacking of her city during the Toronto G20 Summit.
The Changing Light
Ilana Gutman  •  Canada  •  2003  •  1m 30s
DV, silent

One channel of a 6-channel projection, composed by Colin Clark and performed by the Loop Collective. The Cage-influenced composition allowed the filmmakers to create their channels based elements changing over time.
Ajla Odobasic  •  Canada  •  2011  •  4m 13s
Super 8 on DV, colour, sound

The oft-recounted tale of an immigrant’s identity, loss, and search for self in old places.
Of Light From the Ground
Angela Joosse  •  Canada  •  2014  •  2m 54s
16mm on DV, black & white, silent

A meditation on time, rhythm, and waves.
dissolution/resolution: forays
Shana Macdonald  •  Canada  •  2016  •  2m 30s
HD video, colour, sound

This film is a document of the artist's body in a moment of transformation. It meditates on the artist's fleeting, liminal and mundane experience of pregnancy and anticipates the paradoxical dissolution of self and the resolve to be fully for another that motherhood will bring.
A Dream
Ty Tekatch  •  Canada  •  2014  •  1m 15s
HD video, colour, silent

A Dream is taken from a larger, interactive video installation called Terrors of the Breakfast Table. In Terrors of the Breakfast Table a character (a ten year old boy) experiences this dream sequence following the death of his father. After crafting this dream sequence I felt that it was compelling to watch on its own, outside of the context of the larger piece. Though normally accompanied by a soundtrack, here it is presented silently.
Dan Browne  •  Canada  •  2014  •  2m 55s
HD video, colour, silent

Travels made in Banff and Jasper National Parks, along paths cut through mountains into the sky.
The Trail Ridge is Closed
Colin Clark  •  Canada  •  2014  •  11m 17s
HD video, sound

A trip up the Trail Ridge Road to 11,000 feet in Rocky Mountain National Park, 2013. Part of an ongoing series of videos collected while traveling.
Jocelyn Statia  •  Canada  •  2015  •  3m 20s
HD video, black & white, silent

Untitled is digitally compiled from photogram prints. Photograms of found matter were made using wet darkroom processing techniques. Further manipulations of the prints were achieved using digital photographic techniques, producing in some instances Rorschach-like images. This work is inspired by research and musings about collections, memory, life and beauty.