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Flor de Az˙car (Sugar Fields)
dir. Fernando Baez Mella
Dominican Republic, 2014, 110 minutes
Spanish, with English sub-titles

21st Latin American Film Festival
Richcraft Hall Theatre (formerly River Building), Carleton University, Thursday, May 4, 2017, 7:00 pm
Living under the brutal dictatorship of Rafael L. Trujillo in the 1940s, Samuel Mendoza leads a reasonably happy life with his pregnant wife Elena and their child. Generally a kind and gentle man, one night Samuel becomes entangled with a gang of Trujillo’s soldiers. In a barroom brawl, Samuel kills one of them, and must flee to a nearby island, where he becomes a fisherman and plans his secret return home.

Meanwhile, a separate story involves Haitian Sasa, who along with her husband leaves Haiti on a troubled journey to Santo Domingo in search of work in the cane fields. These two life stories soon intersect in the strange and dark times of Trujillo. SUGAR FIELDS was the Dominican Republic’s official submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.