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Canadian Film Institute
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Generations of Love
74 minutes
Various with English subtitles

4th European Union Short Film Festival
Arts Court, Saturday, June 3, 2017, 7:00 pm

There are many forms of and stories about love; here are some of them. This screening is not suitable for children.

... and these short films:
Ab Ovo
Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi  •  Poland  •  2013  •  5m 0s
English Subtitles

An animated tale of the miracle of birth, where claymation meets procreation. 

Myrsini Arisidou   •  Cyprus  •  2015  •  13m 0s
English Subtitles

When little girl Semele hitchhikes to visit her estranged father to sign a school form, she learns that parents can be disappointing. 

Empty Space
Ulo Pikkov  •  Estonia  •  2016  •  10m 0s
English Subtitles

As little Merike plays at home on a Sunday morning, her animated surroundings soon evokes many memories, a family history, and a dark period in Estonian’s past. 

Damien Fannon  •  Ireland  •  2014  •  4m 0s

A lonely Irish man living in Ontario misses his homeland, his family, and love itself. 

Gift of the Magi
Ivan Abadjev   •  Bulgaria  •  2013  •  7m 0s
English Subtitles

A contemporary adaptation of O Henry story in which a husband and wife pawn prized possessions to buy a gift for each other, with ironic results.

That Which You Don't See
Dario Samuele  •  Italy  •  2016  •  11m 0s
English Subtitles

Sometimes what’s inside an automated coffee machine will be more human than you think.  And how. 

Clumsy Little Acts of Tenderness
Miia Tervo  •  Finland  •  2015  •  9m 0s
English Subtitles

A weekend father wants to show his teenage daughter his love by taking her to a carwash, but instead, they end up on a life-changing adventure in the supermarket. 

Noni & Elizabeth
Nanna Blondell  •  Sweden  •  2016  •  15m 0s
English Subtitles

In a Stockholm suburb, stepsisters Noni and Elizabeth become observers of an adult world, a world that in many ways appears wrong.