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Canadian Film Institute
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4th European Union Short Film Festival
Arts Court
Sunday, June 4, 2017, 7:00 pm, 66 minutes
Various with English subtitles

The joy and magic, and sometimes the risk, of play. This screening is for ages 10 and up.

Short Film Programme:
Wouter Bongaerts   •  Belgium  •  2013  •  9m 0s
English Subtitles

A little girl gets separated from her mother and soon discovers a whole new world in the city around her. 

Réka Bucsi  •  Hungary  •  2016  •  15m 0s
English Subtitles

Strange wonders from the universe intersect and create newer worlds and wonders around them.

Vitello Digs a Hole
Dorte Bengtson  •  Denmark  •  2015  •  7m 0s
English Subtitles

A bored young boy soon discovers a novel way to make friends when he gets out of the house: dig a hole!  

The Countryside By The Sea
Andre Ruivo  •  Portugal  •  2015  •  8m 0s
English Subtitles

There are unusual and amusing things happening in this countryside by the sea. 

Ten Minutes Older
Herz Frank  •  Latvia  •  1978  •  10m 0s
English Subtitles

In this classic black and white poetic documentary, we watch young people watching movies with a lively combination of wonder, fear, concentration, and joy.

Mario and the Magician
Michaela Pavlátová  •  Czech Republic  •  2014  •  5m 0s
English Subtitles

This bold graphic animation, inspired by the famous Thomas Mann´s novella Mario and the Magician, explores the ability of society to manipulate its ideas of itself.

Christos and Dimitra
Amerissa Basta   •  Greece  •  2015  •  13m 0s
English Subtitles

A charming short story of love and childhood friendship between Christos and Dimitra, who want to see a local performance of ‘Romeo and Juliet,’