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Tyttö nimeltä Varpu (Little Wing)
dir. Selma Vilhunen
Finland, 2016, 100 minutes
Finnish with English subtitles

European Union Film Festival
National Gallery of Canada, Saturday, November 25, 2017, 4:00 pm
The other girls at the horse stable where twelve-year-old Varpu rides and trains have started to comment about her home life, such as her mother's odd behaviour and the fact that Varpu has never once mentioned her father. Pressured by her peers and overwhelmed by her mother's dependence on her, Varpu grows increasingly frustrated and embarks on a quest to find her biological father. But even as she becomes adept at advanced responsibilities—including driving a car—she soon discovers that the ability to do adult things does not make her an adult. Astutely directed by Oscar-nominated Selma Vilhunan, Little Wing is a “sharp and touching portrait of adolescence” (Toronto International Film Festival). Winner of the Nordic Council Film Prize. 

Le comportement bizarre et les absences de sa mère, et le fait que Varpu, 12 ans, ne parle jamais de son père font jaser les autres filles de l'écurie où elle monte son cheval et s'entraîne. Varpu cède sous la pression et se met en quête de son père biologique. Même si elle assume bien des responsabilités d'adulte, elle découvre rapidement qu'elle n'est pas une adulte pour autant.

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