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Die Nacht der 1000 Stunden (Night of 1000 Hours)
dir. Virgil Widrich
Austria, 2016, 92 minutes
German with English subtitles

European Union Film Festival
National Gallery of Canada, Saturday, December 2, 2017, 7:00 pm
When the ambitious Philip takes over the running of the family business from his father, he finds himself confronted by the mysterious reappearance of his dead ancestors from various eras in his Viennese family’s long history. In the course of a very, very long night, during which there is a murder, an illicit love affair, and a game with false identities, Philip uncovers a closely guarded family secret. This is one night he and his family won’t soon forget—and one you won’t, either. Narratively inventive and vastly entertaining, Night is as gripping as it is marvellous.

Quand l'ambitieux Philippe succède à son père à la tête de l'entreprise familiale, il se retrouve confronté à la mystérieuse réapparition de ses ancêtres. Au cours d'une longue nuit très étrange, pendant laquelle surviennent un meurtre, un adultère et un jeu complexe plein de fausses identités, Philippe découvre un secret de famille bien gardé.

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