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Institut canadien du film
Voir. Comprendre. Partager.
réal. Bouli Lanners
Belgique, 2009, 80 minutes
English Subtitles

Festival du film de l'Union européenne 2009
Auditorium, Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, samedi 21 novembre, 2009, 19 h
ELDORADO is an award winning film and is Belgium’s submission to the 2009 Best Foreign Film category at the Oscars. Director Bouli Lanners’ film is about life and the unlikely friendships that occur along the way. The film revolves around a car salesman, Yvan (played by Lanners himself), who comes home one night and finds that his house has been broken into by Elie, a drug dealer and addict. The two men make a deal, which eventually leads to Yvan giving Elie a ride, which ends up as an extended road trip. The film deals with the mishaps and adventures of the two men, and the friendship that flourishes. With humourous situations and serious undertones, ELDORADO is offbeat and entertaining.  English subtitles.