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Institut canadien du film
L'émotion en mouvement.
réal. Martin Koolhoven
Pays-Bas, 2008, 103 minutes
English Subtitles

Festival du film de l'Union européenne 2009
Auditorium, Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, mercredi 2 décembre, 2009, 21 h
A coming of age story from a popular novel, WINTER is the story of a 13 year old boy, Michiel, who becomes involved with the Resistance near the end of World War II after helping a wounded British soldier. When the war comes to an end, Michiel comes of age and learns of the harsh difference between adventure, fantasy, and the ugly realities of war. Author Jan Terlouw, upon whose novel the film is based, will be in attendance to introduce the film.  English subtitles.