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Institut canadien du film
Voir. Comprendre. Partager.
réal. Waldemar Krzystek
Pologne, 2008
English Subtitles

Festival du film de l'Union européenne 2009
Auditorium, Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, jeudi 3 décembre, 2009, 21 h
"LITTLE MOSCOW traces the politically dangerous love affair between Vera (Svetlana Khodchenkova), the beautiful wife of a Russian military pilot, and Michal (seductive Leslaw Zurek), a dashing Polish lieutenant. Delving into a period of Eastern bloc history not previously exploited by popular cinema, noted Polish writer-helmer Waldemar Krzystek (SUSPENDED, DISMISSED FROM LIFE) paints a broad-strokes but no less affecting portrait of the tension-filled Soviet-Polish "friendship" of the times” (Variety).  English subtitles.