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dir. Carole Poliquin
Canada, 1998, 52 minutes

Auditorium, 395 Wellington St., Tuesday, November 15, 2011, 7:00 pm
Inequality MattersIncensed by skyrocketing corporate profits and plummeting average incomes?  Overwhelmed by the constant rise and fall of global markets? Director Carole Poliquin explored the unprecedented power of the markets in her documentary TURBULENCES. Join Inter Pares and the Canadian Film Institute for a special free screening and discussion of how the markets wreak havoc on our economy and people’s lives, 13 years later. Following the film, Jean Symes from Inter Pares, and Dr. Yao Graham, renowned African activist and coordinator of Third World Network-Africa, will reflect on the film’s messages, and what we can do to foster economic equality. Stay afterwards to meet Inter Pares and Dr. Graham, and to enjoy refreshments in the lobby.

This free screening is part of the four-city Canadian tour (In)Equality Matters: social justice and the economy, organized by Inter Pares with international and local partners. The tour explores questions of economic justice, hinged on the fundamentally unjust reality that the current global economy pushes millions of people into poverty and bankrupts countries while enabling great corporate and individual wealth. 

Inter Pares, which means "among equals" in Latin, is a national charitable organization dedicated to promoting international social justice. In Canada and overseas, we support people's struggles for peace, justice, and equality; their efforts to challenge structural obstacles for change; and their alternative development approaches. www.interpares.ca   

Third World Network-Africa is a pan-African research and advocacy organization based in Accra, Ghana. TWN-Africa’s work covers the areas of economic policy: international trade, investment and the role of the international financial institutions on African development, gender and economic policy and Africa's extractive sector (mainly mining). Since its founding in 1994 TWN-Africa has worked to support the self-organizing of marginalized groups and the coming together of African organizations and their allies around the world in activism around these issues. www.twnafrica.org 

Inter ParesMore about the four-city (In)Equality Matters tour: