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Risto Räppääjä ja polkupyörävaras (Ricky Rapper and the Bicycle Thief)
dir. Mari Rantasila
Finland, 2010, 79 minutes
Finnish with English sub-titles

Bright Nights: The Baltic-Nordic Film Festival
Auditorium, 395 Wellington St., Saturday, April 21, 2012, 2:00 pm
The sprightly, energetic, red-haired Ricky loses his brand-new bike and sets out to look for it with his best friend, Nelli. The quest to find the bike leads them to ever more ec- centric encounters with, well, ever more eccentric adults. Fun for the entire family, RICkY was the highest grossing film in Finland in 2010. English sub-titles. SPECIAL MATINEE PRESENTATION: Youth 16 years of age and under are only $4.00 each!