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Mamma Gógó
dir. Friđrik Ţór Friđriksson
Iceland, 2010, 90 minutes
Icelandic, with English sub-titles

Bright Nights: The 3rd Baltic-Nordic Film Festival
Auditorium, 395 Wellington St., Friday, February 22, 2013, 7:00 pm

Written and directed by Iceland’s greatest director, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, Mamma Gógó is a daring, touching, and oddly amusing semi-autobiographical drama about Gógó, an elderly woman diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and her family's reaction to her illness. (Fridriksson’s own mother has the condition.) While Gógó is continuously getting herself into trouble, her son the filmmaker struggles with financial troubles after his film latest has flopped. As Gógó's disease progresses her family decides that it is best for her to move to a nursing home. Both Gógó and her deceased husband, who suddenly appears on the scene, are not happy with that decision. The beleaguered filmmaker is dependent on others when it comes to his finances, so when Gógó settles into the home, he decides to sell his mother's apartment and valuable artwork. But can he live with the consequences? “A mixture of showbiz satire and piercing drama, Gogo turns familiar tropes into a bracingly original movie that will enthral audiences.” Stephen Farber (The Hollywood Reporter) Iceland’s official Oscar submission for Best Foreign Language Film in 2010.