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Lessons in Process: The Films of Philip Hoffman
dir. Philip Hoffman
Canada, Cuba, 2013, 120 minutes
English and Spanish w/ English subtitles

Café Ex: 2012-2013
Club SAW, Wednesday, March 27, 2013, 7:00 pm
Philip Hoffman in person!

“Phil Hoffman’s documentary Lessons in Process (2013, 30 minutes) is a meditation on generations and legacies that touches on matters of responsibility and participation in the creation and circulation of images. It is at once a celebration of tradition, a self-examination by thoughtful artist about his artistic influence over others, and an elegy. The impetus for the film is Hoffman’s invitation to conduct a workshop on process filmmaking—filmmaking that takes its cue from the unfolding of life before the lens, rather than a written script—at the celebrated Escuela Internacional de Cine y Television in Cuba. As the workshop unfolds and the students experiment with a form of creation that requires them to open themselves to their surroundings, to the passing of moments around them, Hoffman cuts some of their footage into his documentary, demonstrating the principles of interdependence that are among the lessons learned by the participants. Hoffman’s allegiance is to images, but he is aware of and concerned about his own responsibilities. To his father, yes, whom he films off-centre, slightly out of frame, in something that looks like protective respect and also resistance to excessive sentimentality, but also to the students at the school. What is he to them, and what should he or must he be attentive to as he becomes a teacher, potentially a generative figure for their creativity. What is the right way to teach? What is the right thing to teach? And where do images come from anyway? Lessons in Process explores the legacies we inherit and contribute to as people and as artists.” - Brenda Austin-Smith

Philip Hoffman will attend the screening to introduce and discuss his films. In addition to LESSONS IN PROCESS, Hoffman will present several other of his acclaimed works.

Admission is pay-as-you-can.