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Canadian Film Institute
Moving images.
Todas las mujeres (All the Women)
dir. Mariano Barroso
Spain, 2013, 89 minutes
Spanish with English sub-titles

29th European Union Film Festival
Auditorium, 395 Wellington St., Saturday, November 29, 2014, 7:00 pm
ALL THE WOMEN tells the story of Nacho, a middle-aged man with serious financial troubles. After a desperate attempt for extra cash goes awry, Nacho decides to turn to others for help, but his abrasive personality has left him rather unpopular among his family and friends. Presuming that any man is as unscrupulous as he is, Nacho decides to turn to the various women in his life for help. Facing several female perspectives, including that of his ex, mother, sister-in-law and shrink, Nacho gets much more than he bargained for and this, surprisingly, sets him on a curious and amusing path to self-discovery.