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The Final Weekend of #EUFF31!
Monday, 28 November 2016
There’s just one week of the European Union Film Festival left, but we have definitely saved some of the best for last. Come visit Carleton University’s gorgeous Richcraft Hall between December 2nd – 4th, to catch films from Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and more! This final weekend’s films are all award winners and are each being shown in Ottawa for the very first time, so purchase your tickets online in advance to save your spot and skip the lines at the box office!

Please note: The name of Carleton’s "River Building" has recently been changed to "Richcraft Hall" — but it's still the same great theatre!

Here is our schedule for this final weekend, but click here and you'll find the complete lineup for the entire festival..
•   •   •   •   •


6:30PM: CYPRUS – Family Member (dir. Marinos Kartikkis)
Family Member follows a Cypriot family wading into murky ethical territory in order to make financial ends meet. With the family grocery store failing to provide enough income, Yiorgos and Sophia accept help from the grandfather who chips in with a share of his pension. But when the grandfather suddenly passes away, his desperate family decides to hide his death in order to keep collecting his pension checks. Soon enough, social security is knocking on their door...

8:45PM: SWEDEN - Underdog (dir. Ronnie Sandahl)
A young Swedish woman in need of work, 23-year old Dino moves to Oslo to work as a housekeeper for Steffen, a retired Norwegian tennis star. With his wife away, love blossoms. A blend of biting inter-culture comedy with potent emotional drama, Underdog was the winner of the Critic’s Choice Award at the Zurich Film Festival and a highlight of the 2015 Gothenburg Film Festival.

As a special treat, the Embassy of Sweden would like to welcome everyone attending Underdog to a reception immediately before the film!


4:00PM: LITHUANIA - Santa (dir. Marius Ivaskevicius)
Santa is a romantic drama that interweaves magical fantasy with painful human hardship. On a trip to Lapand, single mother Inga and her 7-year-old son Vincas meet Finnish local actor Jussi while on a visit to a local amusement park. Jussi shows Inga and Vincas the side of Finland reserved for locals, and soon a powerful bond forms between them. Maybe even Santa Claus will show up!

6:30PM: GERMANY - Family Celebration (dir. Lars Kraume)
On the 70th birthday of famous piano virtuoso Hannes Westhoff, a celebration is to take place at the patriarch’s estate. For this occasion, his second wife Anne not only invited Westhoff’s three sons Max, Fredrik and Gregor, but also their mother, Westhoff’s ex-wife Renate. While Anne tries to maintain a friendly atmosphere, old conflicts resurface among the family. An absorbing family drama with several unexpected twists and turns.


4:00PM: NETHERLANDS - A Noble Intention (dir. Joram Lürsen)
A Noble Intention is an adaptation of Thomas Rosenboom’s famous novel set in late 19th century Netherlands during the expansion of Amsterdam. The story revolves around violin-maker Vedder and his pharmacist cousin Anijs as they look to take advantage of Amsterdam’s construction boom. When Vedder learns that the Victoria Hotel is planning to build where his house is, he holds out for a large payment.
This Weekend at #EUFF31
Wednesday, 16 November 2016
One weekend of the European Union Film Festival is complete, three to go! This past weekend, hundreds of people came out to Carleton University’s River Building Theatre for the opening of the 31st annual European Union Film Festival. So far, the festival has been a roaring success, but we’re not done yet! November 18th – 20th, escape the Canadian climate with a trip to Europe as we show off films from Italy, Ireland, and more! This weekend features comedy, drama, and even science fiction; surely something for everyone.

Please note: The name of Carleton’s "River Building" has recently been changed to "Richcraft Hall" — but it's still the same great theatre!

Here is our schedule for this weekend, but click here and you'll find the complete lineup for the rest of the festival.

•   •   •   •   •


6:30PM: ITALY - The Move of the Penguin (dir. Claudio Emandola)
This lively and engaging comedy of ambition revolves around 30-year-old Bruno, who decides to start a ragtag curling team and compete in the Olympics. A comic gem.

8:35PM: IRELAND - My Name is Emily (dir. Simon Fitzmaurice
Accompanied by her shy classmate Arden, Emily embarks on a road trip to free her father from his psychiatric hospital in the north of Ireland. The heartwarming journey takes both Emily and audiences to unexpected places.


4:00PM: HUNGARY - Mom and Other Loonies in the Family (dir. Ibolya Fekete)
Meet a very unusual matriarch, her incredible life, and the exploits of the wacky family that surrounds her. A testament to how time and life experience can shape the most personal of themes – our identity.

6:30PM: CZECH REPUBLIC - Schmitke (dir. Stepan Altrichter)
Julius Schmitke is an anonymous 57-year old German wind turbine engineer who’s sent to the small Czech town of Crimeleva to repair an old model turbine that won’t stop squeaking and creaking. Schmitke mixes comedy, mystery, and a detailed and quirky character study of the active and idiosyncratic mind of an unfortunate man.

8:35PM: PORTUGAL - Gelo (dirs. Luis Galvão Teles, Gonçalo Galvão Teles)
Starring Ivana Baquero (Pan’s Labyrinth), this mind-bending, smart, and stylish sci-fi film asks: how many lives can be lived in one lifetime?


4:00PM: FINLAND - Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest (dir. Katja Gauriloff)
Swiss writer Robert Crottet receives word that the Skolt Sami have been forced out of their ancestral homes by Russian invaders, and so he begins a crusade to make their plight known. Capturing the struggles of cultural preservation, this imaginative documentary cleverly and inventively blends archival footage and animation.

6:30PM: BULGARIA - While Aya Was Sleeping (dir. Tsvetodar Markov)
Asen is an aging actor who often takes his 7-year old daughter Aya with him to the theatre, but everything changes during a night of upheaval, when tensions and betrayal breaks out amongst the troupe. Raucous fun!

See you there!
Special Announcement: Canadian Masters and Atom Egoyan
Tuesday, 11 October 2016
The Canadian Film Institute is thrilled to announce the first edition of CANADIAN MASTERS, featuring Atom Egoyan!

The first Canadian Masters series will take place over two evenings, November 9th and 10th . The first evening will feature a sophisticated night of discussion and cultural engagement, including an extended interview and reception. The second evening will be a fun and eclectic night, especially for cinephiles and film students.

Admission is extremely limited! Tickets go on sale this Friday, October 14th at 9:00AM. 

More details to follow. Here is a word from CFI Executive Director Tom McSorley:

Music credit: Depth of Field.
William MacGillivray and Terry Greenlaw Wish the CFI a Happy 80th Anniversary!
Friday, 23 September 2016

Our 80th season may be over, but we’re still celebrating by sharing with you all of the kind messages we received from our friends, wishing us a Happy 80th Anniversary.

As partners of the production company Picture Plant, William MacGillivray and Terry Greenlaw have produced some incredible documentaries about notable Canadians, which the CFI has been happy to premiere.

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