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The Good Girls | Mexico

  • Alma Duncan Salon, Ottawa Art Gallery 10 Daly Ave. Ottawa (map)


The Good Girls (Las niñas bien)

Dir. Alejandra Marquez  Abella , 2018 | 93 mins

Sofia and Fernando have it all — money, status, beautiful houses, servants. Fernando has inherited all his wealth, acquired by his father with the help of his uncle Javier. At dinner one night, Javier announces he is stepping aside. There are a few dark clouds on the horizon: their American business associates have backed out of a deal, and the President of Mexico has just appeared on television with ominous news about the economy. Initially, their world remains untroubled. Sofia watches with bemusement as a young woman and her rather gauche husband, try to enter her social circle. But soon cracks appear in Sofia and Fernando's manicured lives, as the social and economic order undergoes seismic shifts. Part satire, part warning about the pitfalls of materialism, this elegant work is a subtle, sophisticated exploration from of the crumbling mores of Mexico's upper middle class during the country's debt crisis of 1982.

Spanish with English subtitles.

“In the opening moments, the director and her cinematographer, Dariela Ludlow, bathe all of Sofia's preparations for a swanky soiree at her home for her birthday in a milky light that suggests a commercial or photo shoot from the early 1980s. An unlimited supply of shoulder pads, blue eyeshadow and crazy hair do the rest.

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