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Averno | Bolivia

  • Alma Duncan Salon, Ottawa Art Gallery 10 Daly Ave. Ottawa (map)
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Dir. Marcus Loayza, 2018 | 87 mins

Young shoeshine boy Tupah embarks on a frantic quest to find his uncle, who is lost in the Averno, a mythical place where the Andean inhabitants believe that the dead coexist with the living and where everything finds its opposite face. In a dangerous journey through the underworld, as myth and reality get endlessly intertwined, Tupah has to defeat the worst of his enemies and the greatest of his fears. An extraordinary adventure story merging ancient and modern myths, Averno is an absorbing, incredible (literally and figuratively), and endlessly entertaining tale rendered with a visually poetic style by a talented director, Marcus Loayza.

Spanish with English subtitles.

“Averno is a limbo, a place where everything is possible and at the same time, nothing is. It takes us to the courtyards of memories and prompts the discovery of a magical story in the cinematographic voice of Loayza, which will perhaps be eternalised as a vital part of Bolivian cinema.”

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