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The Sound of Things | Costa Rica

  • Alma Duncan Salon, Ottawa Art Gallery 10 Daly Ave. Ottawa (map)
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The Sound of Things (El Sonido de las Cosas)

Dir. Ariel Escalante, 2016 | 78 mins

Claudia loves everything about being a nurse: managing the adrenaline, controlling emotions, saving lives. At home everything is different, however: there’s a room to clear out, and she needs to find a new roommate. More pressingly, Claudia is struggling to cope with her cousin Sylvia’s recent suicide. Even though she is doing a great job of hiding her anguish from people, everything around Claudia reminds her of Sylvia, but she is unable to cry. When an old acquaintance comes back into her life with an illness and in need of her support, she will finally be forced to find new ways to confront the weight of life and loss. An intimate and finely detailed character study, The Sound of Things is an absorbing drama of both pain and hope.

Spanish with English subtitles.

“It never loses the sense of dramatic psychological events taking place just beneath the surface. That alone proves that Escalante is a filmmaker attuned to the minutiae of being alive, and makes it worth keeping tabs on whatever he does next.”