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Tayos | Ecuador

  • Alma Duncan Salon, Ottawa Art Gallery 10 Daly Ave. Ottawa (map)



Dir. Miguel Garzon, 2017 | 86 mins

Seven years after being the first human being to walk on the Moon, on August 1st, 1976, US astronaut Neil Armstrong joined a British-Ecuadorian expedition whose mission was to explore a cave located deep in the Amazon forest, called Tayos Cave. Why was a mission of such magnitude organized, and what was the British interest in the cave? A group of geologists and members of esoteric disciplines penetrate into Tayos' massive underworld to shed light on its dazzling enigmas. Miguel Garzon’s stunning documentary takes us deep into the majesty and the mystery of Tayos, and is an epic, breathtaking journey into the depths of the Tayos underworld and the depths within ourselves.  Amazing and astonishing, Tayos is an unforgettable way to close the 23rd Latin American Film Festival.

Spanish, English, Shuar, Hungarian with English subtitles.