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Woman at War | Iceland BNFF

  • Alma Duncan Salon, Ottawa Art Gallery 10 Daly Ave Ottawa (map)



Dir. Benedikt Erlingsson, 2018 | 100 mins

Halla has just learned she's been approved to adopt a child from a war-torn area in Ukraine, a long-time dream of hers. Trouble is, she's an eco-terrorist, deeply engaged in opposing the proliferation of heavy industry, urged on by unscrupulous politicians, that has been ruining Iceland's rugged landscape. Halla soon becomes a target of the aluminium industry, but is determined to see things through. In the heat of the struggle, though, Halla can't help wondering: is it better to save hypothetical lives in a safer future or the life of the daughter she has yet to meet? Erlingsson's second feature (after his acclaimed debut feature, Of Horses and Men) examines the dilemmas and complexities inherent in political protest, and weaves in astute political satire along into this absorbing tale of a fascinating woman.

English sub-titles.

“Commentators will be tumbling over themselves trying to define what kind of movie this is: comedy, musical, social drama, politically correct issue film. It’s all those except the last; political correctness implies one-dimensional preaching that narrowly cuts off conversations, whereas, whereas “Woman at War” deftly centralizes a profound humanity from which vital issues are comfortably suspended.”
- Variety

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