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Ravens | Sweden BNFF

  • Alma Duncan Salon, Ottawa Art Gallery 10 Daly Ave Ottawa (map)



Dir. Jens Assur, 2017 | 107 minutes

Set in the 1970s, Ravens is the tangled tale of Agne, a salt-of-the-earth dedicated and diligent farmer who fights tooth and nail to save his farm from the owner’s profit-driven aspirations and the overall societal trends toward “modernization.” As this farm was run by the same family for over a century, passing from generation to generation, Agne is certain that his eldest son, Klas, will take over and carry on the family tradition. When he gets to know Klas’s real intentions, Agne’s world will be turned upside down, and he will deal with this ‘crisis’ in unsettling ways, both for him and his son. This stylish, visually arresting first feature film by photographer Jens Assur is an intense psychological drama about the complexities of family obligations, strained loyalties, and the inevitability of change.

English sub-titles. Mature content.

“Assur is adept at creating striking images - such as the shadows of the ravens of the title on a barn wall or the threat of violence posed by a piece of machinery. Sounds - including the eerie booming call of a bird - and music are also used sparingly but effective. Assur and his cinematographer Jonas Alarik create compositions that linger in the mind, even after the characters' voices begin to fade.”
Eye for Film