A New Year of Canadian and International Film

Dear CFI Supporters,

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.

We’ve been working hard at planning a rich, diverse, and rewarding 2019 at the Canadian Film Institute. We hope you’ll come in from the cold to join us for our engaging screenings and events in January and Frebruary.

Stay tuned for more news about March and April, when we will present the 9th annual Bright Nights: Baltic Nordic Film Festival and the 23rd annual Latin American Film Festival.

Thanks again for your continued support. Vive le cinema!

Tom McSorley
Executive Director
Canadian Film Institute


It all starts on Wednesday, January 30th at 7:00pm with a free screening of newly sub-titled bilingual versions of the many incredible short films made at the storied Winnipeg Film Group. The first of four programs is Time and Place. The films in this program all look back: to filmmakers who have gone before, to fathers and mothers and grandmothers, to historical figures, to past events, and to the pop culture of the past. Co-presented with SAW Video, the program screens in their Knot Project Space in Arts Court.
Read more about the program: CFI-ICF.ca/found-in-translation


Also at the end of the month in the Knot Project Space, on January 31st at 7pm, we are honoured to bring critically-acclaimed Canadian filmmaker William D. MacGillivray to Ottawa as part of our ongoing Canadian Masters guest artist series. As with our previous Masters (Atom Egoyan, Alanis Obomsawin, Guy Maddin, and Theodore Ushev), MacGillivray will participate in an onstage career-spanning interview, this one with his producer-partner, Terry Greenlaw. The next night, Friday February 1, at 7pm, MacGillivray will introduce a very special, very rare screening of his first feature film, Stations (1983), presented in the Alma Duncan Salon (Ottawa Art Gallery) in its original 16mm celluloid format.
Read more about MacGillivray and buy tickets: CFI-ICF.ca/cm-2019


Later in February, we’ll be holding our 4th African Film Festival of Ottawa, from February 9 to 16 in the Alma Duncan Salon. This year we will have five Ottawa premieres of five contemporary films from the five regions of Africa. Curated by Carleton Film Studies Professor and African cinema expert, Aboubakar Sanogo, the festival will present some of the most urgent, vital, and exciting filmmaking across the African continent.
Read more about the Festival and buy tickets: CFI-ICF.ca/aff


The month of February concludes with a Café Ex screening in our intimate new venue in Arts Court, Knot project space, with Toronto independent filmmaker, Phillip Barker. In addition to his amazing short films works, you may be familiar with Barker’s work as production designer on many of the films of Atom Egoyan. The screening of Barker’s films on February 28 at 7pm will be accompanied by a launch of a new book about his work, entitled Strange Machines: The Films of Phillip Barker (2018, edited by Mike Hoolboom). Phillip Barker will, of course, attend the screenings and the launch. Our Café Ex series remains pay-what-you-can.
Read more about the evening: CFI-ICF.ca/cafe-ex-20182019


And finally, for the first time in five years, we are making a modest increase to our ticket prices. Each ticket will increase by one Loonie: for CFI members, a ticket will cost $10.00; for non-members, $14.00. We are, however, keeping a CFI Membership at the same price of $15.00. While we never like to hike prices, we do have to cover the increasing costs of bringing the best Canadian and international films and filmmakers to you.
A complete list of ticket types and memberships: CFI-ICF.ca/box-office


As an arts organization in the Ottawa/Gatineau area, we are aware that many of our patrons are Francophone. We try our best to provide our material, online and printed, in both English and French and to have at least one French-speaking staff member at events. We would love to keep our French website pages up to date but with no fully bilingual staff, new additions to the website can be only in English. We care about our CFI community, and we know you do too, which is why we are reaching out to you to help us be as accessible as possible. We are looking for volunteers who are fluent in written English and French to help translate text on our website. If this type of volunteer work interests you, please contact our Festival Administrator, Tish (chambers@cfi-icf.ca).
Sign up to our volunteer list: CFI-ICF.ca/volunteer


Tish Chambers