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The Canadian Film Institute’s (CFI) mission is to encourage and promote the production, diffusion, study, appreciation and use of moving images for cultural and educational purposes in Canada and abroad. The CFI is a unique institution that organizes ongoing public film programming and artist talks, provides educational enhancements on its websites and publishes books and monographs on various aspects of Canadian and international cinema.


The Canadian Film Institute (CFI) was incorporated in 1935 as a federally-chartered, non-governmental, non-profit cultural organization. It is the oldest film institution in Canada and the second oldest film institute in the world. 

Public Programming Activities

The CFI organizes several annual international film festivals, including the European Union Film Festival, Bright Nights, the African Film Festival, and the Latin American Film Festival. These international festivals are an incredible cultural asset  for local audiences and filmmakers alike.   CFI audiences are especially enthusiastic about events that are more than just screenings, that afford them opportunities to learn, share, and to interact with guest artists. Our main Canadian series (Café Ex, The Enlightened Screen and Canadian Masters), were specifically created to provide this enhanced programming; our international festivals also feature guest filmmakers from around the world encountering Canadian audiences and vice-versa.

The CFI’s largest annual festival is the widely respected Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF). Founded in 1976, it attracts audiences and filmmakers from across Canada and around the world.  For Canadian filmmakers, the OIAF offers the chance have their work seen on an international stage, network, and participate in professional development activities. The OIAF reaches out to its audience with surveys and uses community advisors to help get ideas to enrich Festival programming.


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Canadian Film Institute Code of Conduct Policies


who we are


Tom McSorley

Tom McSorley is the Executive Director of the Canadian Film Institute in Ottawa. In addition to organizing various film festivals, including the European Union Film Festival, Silent Film Festival and Latin American Film Festival, Tom is the primary French language spokesperson for the OIAF and oversees its financials. He lectures on Canadian cinema at Carleton University and reviews films on CBC Radio.


Kelly Neall

Kelly Neall is the CFI’s Managing Director. Her extensive experience running film events and her degrees in both Film Studies and Communications help her to effectively oversee the design and implementation of film festivals for the CFI.  She currently sits on committees at Ottawa Festivals and is a member of the Arts Court Hive Collective.


Azarin Sohrabkhani

Azarin Sohrabkhani is the Director of Industry Programming. She oversees professional development programming and sponsorship for the OIAF. She has extensive knowledge of the animation industry and engages the community to ensure that programming meets their needs.  As a founder and producer of the volunteer-run music festival, Ottawa Explosion Weekend, she helps the OIAF maintain its contacts within different local artistic communities.


Keltie Duncan

Keltie Duncan is the Director of Film Operations and an OIAF programmer.  She has an MA in Film Studies and has trained in animation production. She is a member of the OIAF selection team while also overseeing film traffic and programming logistics for all CFI events. She is also active in the local Ottawa music community.


Tish Chambers

Tish Chambers is the Festival Administrator. She is an invaluable team member in the office and at events, working on everything from bookkeeping to event management. Tish quit film school to be a cake decorator. She worked as Office Coordinator for the OIAF before joining the CFI team. She hosts a podcast/video series focused on women, diversity, and representation in film.

Alex Smith-Eivemark

Alex Smith-Eivemark is the Development Coordinator. She will write her own bio soon.


Canadian Film Institute Board of Directors

Frank Taylor, Chair (joined 2012)
Jim McKeen, Treasurer (joined 2017)
Susan Scotti (ex officio) (joined 2009)
Suzanne Bouclin (joined 2016)
Will Straw (joined 2017)
Lauren Brown (joined 2018)
Archita Ghosh (joined 2018)
Joy Yang (joined 2018)
Patrick Dion (joined 2018)








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