Eternal Summer

Eternal Summer 1.jpg

Eternal Summer (Odödliga)
Friday, March 9 at 7:00 pm - Arts Court Theatre

Sweden - 2015 - 106 min - dir. Andreas Olman

Swedish with English subtitles

After a botched one-night stand, two young lovers, Em and Isak, embark on a spontaneous road trip. Taking Em’s father’s vintage Saab convertible, the two travel through Northern Sweden with a vague plan to steal a cello for Em’s sister. Between rest stops, packs of cigarettes and evening swims the couple begin to open up and reveal hints of their troubled paths; Isak has a troubled relationship with his father and Em is running from the ghost of a dark childhood memory. As they fall in love, and out of money, what began as an impromptu adventure escalates into something more sinister.

General Admission: $13 (HST incl)

CFI Members/Students/Seniors: $9 (HST incl)