A Place in the Caribbean

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A Place in the Caribbean (Un Lugar en la Caribe)
Wednesday, May 16 at 7pm - Ottawa Art Gallery

Honduras - 2017 - 114 minutes - dir. Juan Carlos Fanconi

Spanish with English subtitles

Three tempestuous love stories unfold in a truly marvellous place in the Caribbean: Gael Castillo is a famous Latin American writer who travels to the island of Roatan Honduras to finish writing his latest novel and stumbles into a love at first sight – but it’s a love filled with risk, as Gael is already married. On the same day, Marcelo and his daughter Sofía land on the island after missing their cruise ship. With love seemingly everywhere in this charming, romantic place, Sofia soon swoons for Paolo, the young owner of one of the most prestigious hotels in the area. Meanwhile, the love bug has bitten her father, too, who falls in love with Angela, a seductive bohemian woman who owns a local restaurant. What will happen over the next five days on this overheated island is anyone’s guess, but the results are nothing if not entertaining.

General Admission: $13 (HST incl)

CFI Members/Students/Seniors: $9 (HST incl)