Size Does Matter

Mexico 1.jpg

Size Does Matter (El Tamaño Si Importa)
Friday, May 11 at 7pm - Ottawa Art Gallery

Mexico - 2016 - 96 minutes - dir. Rafa Lara

Spanish with English subtitles

This raunchy romantic comedy revolves around an unlikely couple from opposite sides of society’s tracks. Diego is a celebrity who seems to have it all: mega-media attention, a cool car, and a gorgeous girlfriend. Soon enough, though, he will quickly lose it all in a criminal conviction that lands him in prison. Vivi, meanwhile, is a somewhat ordinary young woman who secretly loves Diego, who was her boss prior the criminal incident. Diego, of course, never noticed her before his downfall, but things begin to change when he realizes her true affection for him, even though he is disgraced and, by his standards, down and out. Will Vivi and Diego’s love survive in spite of their differences, or because of them? A box office hit, SIZE features winning performances by rising Mexican film stars, Ximena Ayala and Vadhir Derbez. 

General Admission: $13 (HST incl)

CFI Members/Students/Seniors: $9 (HST incl)